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Michael J. Crook

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The Corporate Law Partner
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What our clients say...

I have been supporting clients to buy and sell businesses for over two decades. As a partner for a majority of that time, and as a business founder and owner, I understand what it’s like to run a business which helps guide the approach I take when advising clients.

I have worked typically for owner managed businesses across the UK, internationally, and across all industry sectors. I enjoy the variety of working with different businesses, and always place a high degree of importance on understanding how they operate and their key risks and opportunities, something which I think is crucial to making good decision in any sale process.

I am likely amongst a small number of solicitors who started out as an accountant which to this day is incredibly helpful for dealing with key aspects of corporate transactions.

Along side my general practice, I have a niche dealing with pharmacy sale and EOT sale transactions.

Away from work, I try to stay fit though cycling and really enjoy gardening and almost any DIY project.

Nothing is a substitute for a chat, so please give me a call if you would like to explore further how we could work together as partners.