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Commercial Law

  • Joint venture agreements
  • Trading terms and conditions
  • Supply agreements

Preparing commercial contracts is often really interesting work, as most will tend to be highly bespoke, requiring us to delve deep into understanding the mechanics of how a particular relationship and its commercial terms are intended to work.

What our clients say...

Very often, contracting parties will shake on the bones of a deal, which then requires fleshing out through a process of asking the right questions and proposing legal structures to deal with potential issues. Thinking through how the commercial relationship could or should work, and ensuring your documents accurately reflects this, is where a commercial lawyer will add value.

Like People, businesses are all different, do business in a particular way, grow in their own way and have their own commercial goals and risk management strategies. Logically, contracts which in essence describe a business relationship between two or more parties, should also be unique in numerous respects. Adopting contracts which have not been tailored to a client business, can be a risky strategy, not least around issues such as limitation of liability where badly prepared clauses can leave businesses exposed to unlimited liability.

The value in purchasing bespoke professionally prepared contracts can so often become evident when a difficult issue arises in a commercial relationship. Whether your contract terms deals with the issue may depend on whether you have taken the time and advice to properly consider your terms of engagement and whether they appropriately and sufficiently reflect how you do business and crucially how you limit liability when things go wrong.

We undertake work helping clients prepare and maintain various types of commercial contracts including those listed above.