We are a boutique service provider, supporting law firms to deliver corporate and commercial legal services, and providing independent trustee services to Employment Ownership Trusts.

What our clients say...

We are a flexible resource, supporting law firms deliver corporate and commercial law services and supporting employee ownership trusts (‘EOTs’) through our independent trustee service.

Our role as consultant lawyers is to support law firms who require additional resource from time to time, or practices who do not usually offer corporate-commercial services, but would like to do so.

Corporate lawyers with experience advising on EOT sale transactions, who by the nature of their work have a very broad experience in business, are in our view the perfect choice to support EOT companies and in particular to fulfil the independent trustee role.

Our strength is our experience, tenacity, and underpinning everything our genuine love for being corporate lawyers. We love business and doing deals, and we hope our passion shines through in every aspect of our dealings.

For end user clients contacting us directly, we are very pleased to work with you through one of our excellent partner law firms.

What our clients say...