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Corporate Law

  • Trade sales
  • Management buy-outs, management buy-ins
  • Employee Ownership Trust sales
  • Corporate re-organisations
  • Share option schemes
  • Shareholder agreements

A core service is dealing with the sale of businesses in one guise or another. We love doing deals and genuinely strive to delight clients by providing all the support and guidance which they seek and need, and to completing deals on terms which protects their personal financial interests.

What our clients say...

A constructive and friendly approach to dealing with all parties is incredibly important to us. We want to enjoy our working day and a positive relationship with all parties. Working collaboratively also helps achieve the best outcome in terms of striking a deal which achieves everyone’s objectives.

Alas, when dealing with those who take a more one sided approach, we provide clients with all the support and representation that they need to stand firm on points of critical importance.

With many years experience, we know what is important and what is less so, and accordingly focus our attention and client’s on the things which really matter.

Whilst many deals will follow a structure and include elements instantly recognisable to any experienced practitioner, no two deals are the same and as experienced lawyers we think about every deal and help clients decide what is acceptable or not, taking into account numerous factors, not least the circumstances of the transaction, the sale price and its structure and above all the client’s commercial objectives.

Negotiating transactions can be challenging, and sometimes stressful for clients; but if nothing else we take a very calm and supportive approach, and help clients understand the issues and make decisions. Ultimately, it is important that clients understand the legal paperwork they will eventually sign, recording not only their rights, but their obligations, sometimes for many years to come.

We undertake work helping clients deal with various types of corporate work including those listed above.